In the past few months, life has changed beyond recognition for us all. With the unprecedented arrival of the Covid-19 virus, we have been plunged into a world of social isolation, remote working, and future uncertainty.

Never before have we felt the true value of our freedom.

When it comes to our relationships, the current circumstances haven’t helped matters. More than ever, we seek the connection of others to help us through these difficult times. This applies to our sex lives just as much as any other area.

How can we nurture intimacy, when the world is telling us to stay away?

Here is your 5 step guide to sexual wellbeing throughout lockdown and beyond:

  1. Embrace the change.  Getting mad about the turn of events will only leave you frustrated. Leave behind the stress and try to accept this chapter. Listen to the needs of yourself and your partner, keeping conversation open regarding any obstacles. Your libidos might have changed with all of the additional stress and it’s important not to add any pressure.

  2. Stay informed.  We have rushed to our screens for soothing at a time like this. Embrace the technology you have available to you, and get educated on how you can double up on Covid-19 safety measures. Did you know that the virus is easily passed through saliva, when kissing? Seek a reputable education source to stay in the know.

  3. Get creative.  If you are struggling with long distance love, then you aren’t alone. Even if it might feel like you are! This could be an opportune moment to experiment a little with forms of sexual pleasure that you haven’t tried before. Try writing erotic stories with your partner. Or embrace the possibilities of video calling. Use your imagination to find forms of sexual connection that you can both enjoy.

  4. Empower yourself.  Single right now? That doesn’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy a healthy, active sex life. Embrace solitary lockdown by exploring what your body enjoys. You could order sex toys online to help the process. Set a romantic setting for yourself and spend quality time exploring sensory responses. You might be surprised what you might discover!

  5. Give yourself space.  No one could have expected the current circumstances. We are all navigating our way forwards one day at a time. There should be no obligation on you to maintain the sexual side of your relationship if you don’t feel able to right now. Be gentle with yourself, and learn to listen carefully to what your mind and body are telling you.

The most important thing for us all right now, is health. This applies both now and in the future, long after lockdown is finally over. Equip yourself with the information that will empower you to make safe choices for yourself and those around you.

This too, shall pass.

We will overcome this situation, eventually. By using the tips within this guide, you may even emerge from lockdown with even happier, healthier sexual wellbeing than you started with!

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