When we start down the path of a loving relationship, our intentions are typically hopeful. We desire a healthy, happy partnership where we can be appreciated for who we really are. We want to offer the same to our partner, and for love to thrive. However, as time goes on, it can be difficult to move past challenges as they arise.

In order for a relationship to go the distance, it must be nourished and cared for consistently. It is not enough to simply make a fuss on special occasions or to devote every other Friday to date night. Happy couples understand the principles of good caretaking!

Here are 5 impactful ways that you can help your relationship go the distance: 

  1. Embrace obstacles together. Heated fights between you are often a sign that there has been an issue for longer than the specific moment of dispute. Perhaps it has been buried, or you have only just recognized its presence. Ignored issues only grow in size. Face it head-on together as a team. It will likely be less scary than you predicted. 
  1. Focus on shared growth rather than solo goals. Powerful love is cultivated from recognition of the value of sharing a focus on partnership growth. Shared development comes first, long before self-serving consideration of what the future may hold. Work together to build your future.
  1. Validate emotions and feelings when they arise. Successful intimacy recognizes that we all carry varying wounds from our past. By embracing personal history, we are further equipped to communicate more effectively and join in seeing each other's issues as shared weight to carry. Open your ears along with your heart. 
  1. Release preconceived ideas of perfection. Cultivate a great relationship by liberating yourselves from limitation! Walk freely into territories that you would otherwise shy away from in the knowledge you are there to catch each other when you might fall. Vulnerability is your key to authentic connection.
  1. Consider yourselves a true partnership. We all have personal reasons for seeking a relationship. Ultimately we find commonality in our desire to be appreciated for who we are and all that we offer the world. Embrace your partnership as a vessel that will carry you both. Love is a journey, not a goal to tick off.

It's important to take responsibility for our own wellbeing and mental clarity. This is part of being in a healthy relationship. However, it's just as important to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner to help you work together.

Move together with shared intention so that 'me' becomes 'we' and 'self' becomes 'us.'

Conscious relationships are an opportunity to develop a fundamental romantic relationship into one that wholeheartedly accepts and encourages the idea of shared strength. Let go of any instinct to serve personal needs in order to leave space for something far better to take its place. 

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