This month is Pride Month - what an incredible excuse to celebrate love and union! This is the month where the world takes the opportunity to join in the colorful, rainbow-inspired celebration of the possibilities of love, no matter who you are or what your preferences might be individually. In a world that faces much uncertainty currently, it couldn’t come at a better time.

Pride month commemorates the history-making events of 1969, where protest riots broke out in New York after a team of police raided a gay bar (legally, at the time) to enforce the laws against homosexuality. On this particular night, the bar patrons fought back. They soon gathered a supportive community crowd, and the movement broke national and global news.

The LGBTQ+ movement actually started back in the 1920s, but the Stonewall bar events catapulted the campaign to new levels as it gained notoriety around the world. The year after the riots, an event was created in LA and NYC to remember the significant events that took place. Soon this turned into an annual event of a full month celebration. From there, the rest is history! 

Pride Month is not about celebrating only one kind of love. It is about celebrating the freedom we should all have to love whoever we choose. Or whoever our heart chooses! Regardless of their skin color, creed, background, or sexual preference. Love is love, regardless of social expectation or societal norms.

Healthy love habits should apply to all partnerships, not just those we see depicted most often in film and media. Lesbian couples need to practice their communication skills just as much as a straight couple, and transgender men must be appreciated for who they are just the same as any other person entering into a relationship. The rules must remain the same if there is to be true equality.

Pride month is an opportunity to shine a light on positive approaches to love that include all the values we need for a relationship to thrive. Open-mindedness is just one example! Working together towards a common goal is another. Giving someone you love a space to be heard and listened to is also a fantastic element of the Pride movement that we can apply in our relationships. Acceptance is the true fabric of authentic love, and this is what Pride month and the LGBTQ+ movement is really all about.

There has never been a better time to open discussions with your loved ones about the incredible power of healthy love relating to the LGBTQ+ movement. There is a wealth of informative education sources available online, along with a world of online community connection opportunities. Use the internet’s power for good by showing your support for every kind of love.

Never forget what an incredible human being you are. Who you choose to date and when is part of your individual journey, and it is something to be embraced - and celebrated.

Be proud of who you are - this month, and always.

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