When the word intimacy is used, it is usually associated with sex. People often describe being intimate with someone in the sense of having a sexual encounter with them. Typically, this is the conversational view of what intimacy is and what it represents.


But is sex really all that intimacy encompasses? 


Physical intimacy is undoubtedly one aspect, but it is not the concept in its entirety. Numerous forms of intimacy can be experienced while keeping your clothes on.


Here are 5 ways you can experience intimacy with you a partner without going all the way:


1.    Try a 4-minute visual lock. One tried and tested way of connecting with your partner in a relatively short period of time is to simply look into one another's eyes for four whole minutes—no distractions, no talking, no shying away. Just look and see one another. Doing so can release emotions you didn't know were there. It also might feel longer or shorter than you imagined!


2.    Offer your vulnerability on paper. Strip away verbal communication, and you might be surprised at what you might find beneath the surface of your feelings for one another. Take an hour in separate rooms to write out how you feel about your relationship, before coming back together to read the letters aloud. It will feel strange at first, but give it a chance. It could be an incredible power-up for you both. 


3.    Touch, but don't have sex.  Spend an evening together, nurturing one another's bodies without having sex. Massage is a fantastic way to do this. Just don't get too carried away! Resisting temptation will help you appreciate your attraction for one another. It will also lead to a strong sexual connection when you do finally cave in. 


4.    Create art with your bodies. Roll out some large pieces of paper in a space that can be easily cleaned up afterward. Pour out colored paints into bowls, and take turns body printing with your hands and feet - or any other body part - on to the paper's surface. You'll have created art and a deeper connection together before you know it!


5.    Make a meal out of it.  Preparing food can be a chore. But by making an evening of it while enjoying each other's company could be a fantastic way to reconnect. The messier, the better! Make a cake, blend some dips, or do whatever invites the most hands-on action. Sensory experiences are a fantastic way to awaken your intimate connection together. 


When it comes to intimacy, it's essential to go at the pace where both you and your partner can feel comfortable. Take time to explore, learn what you both enjoy, and stay open-minded. Communication is vital, so make sure you are offering honesty about what you feel and invite your partner to do the same.  


So - what are you waiting for? There's a whole world of creative intimacy awaiting you! 

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