Meet Nikkita

Nikkita is a Certified Relationship & Sexuality Coach, Master SEXpert, Sex Educator, and owner of Sensational Vibes, an online adult emporium.

After spending nearly twelve years in Information Technology and realizing she was not living out her purpose, Nikkita left the IT industry to focus on her love and passion for sex and sex related topics. She opened Sensational Vibes to be able to provide individuals and couples with tools and products to enhance their sex life, but quickly realized she wanted to do more than just sell sex toys. This led Nikkita to enroll in school to obtain a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She also simultaneously enrolled in and completed the Certified Relationship and Clinical Sexuality Coaching programs at both The Dr. Rachael Institute and Loveology University. Upon completion of both of these programs, Nikkita went on to become a Certified Sex Educator through the American College of Sexologists International.

Specializing in human connection, intimacy, authenticity, and shame-resilience, Nikkita guides her clients towards fulfilling integrity-based relationships. Her primary focus is helping clients build the sexual confidence needed to feel empowered in and out of the bedroom. She is committed to freeing people from mundane, disempowered sexual relations and opens up the conversation about having great sex every day. Nikkita offers practical skills to transform unions in deeply meaningful ways. Being the CEO of Sensational Vibes has enabled her to offer outstandingly powerful tools to help clients overcome restrictive patterns. She focuses on communication and skill-building as well as repairing trust and intimacy. Her non-judgmental, inclusive approach puts even the most concerned clients at ease.

Nikkita has created several strategies, guides, and presentations to assist her clients in overcoming insecurities that could be hindering their sex life and relationships while teaching sex education and helping clients build up their sexual confidence. She is an active member of the Home Pleasure Party Plan Association (HPPPA). Nikkita has been featured on "Sadie’s Divorced and Happy" Podcast, "PaulsCast 357" Podcast, “The Committee" Podcast, and is a co-host on “The Sex Packets” podcast. She is also a Sex Blog writer for and serves on the advice panel as a Sex Coach for Kossie, a UK based lifestyle magazine. She has helped numerous listeners and readers feel more confident and fulfilled as she is passionate about empowering individuals (especially women) to embrace their sexuality and transform their sex life and relationships.


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